Ausmusic T-Shirt Day

Our echinda friend

Our Ausmusic T-Shirt Day echidna friend

The Ausmusic T-Shirt Day logo

This year's campaign has a brand new logo, designed by First Nations artist, Bree “Little Butten” Buttenshaw.

She describes her inspiration as follows:

“Echidnas are very mysterious and clever, which helps our friend as they are very shy. However, a fun fact about Echidnas is that they have an extra sense 'electroreception', this means that they can detect weak electrostatic fields in the environment. It has been said that Echidnas can vibrate enough energy to cause water to ripple at a frequency that we as humans, cannot hear. This is particularly useful for our little friend who has a passion for the drums and can really delve into that special sense to find the right groove.

About the artist

Hi, I am Little Butten, I am a proud Kalkadoon woman. I love mixing traditional and modern art together to create unique pieces. I am inspired by everything around me, you will find that my art will change depending on how I am feeling or what I am experiencing. My art will cover themes such as mental health, racism, Aboriginal Issues and feminism. Art is a way in which I can heal and learn more about myself, my culture and the world around me.

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Bree “Little Butten” Buttenshaw