Ausmusic T-Shirt Day

How your donation will help


Can contribute towards a food voucher to help pay the weekly grocery bill


Helps us to put food on the table for a service user and their family at Christmas time


Can help us to keep a service user’s monthly phone and internet connected, or the power on


Helps us pay for an urgent dental or specialist appointment


Helps us to provide up to six free phone-counselling sessions for an artist, crew member, music worker, their partner or their children concerned about their mental health or wellbeing


Can help to ensure that a car gets registered or urgent maintenance is undertaken


Helps us to provide Mental Health First Aid Training for up to 5 people


Can help us to pay up to 2 months’ rent for a service user and their family


Can ensure that a music worker can be farewelled with dignity following their passing

Do you love Australian music?

And do you care about the people who create it?
Then be a part of #AusmusicTShirtDay!

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