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How it works

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Step 1

Sign up for Ausmusic T-Shirt Day and create a team

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Step 2

Invite your friends, family, work colleagues and social networks to make a donation to your team and wear their favourite Ausmusic T-shirt on Friday 20 November

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Step 3

Post a photo in your Ausmusic T-shirt to your socials using the hashtag #ausmusictshirtday and tag @supportact, @triplej, @aria_official

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Step 4

If you can’t create a team, then make a donation to Support Act and represent your favourite band by wearing and posting about your Ausmusic T-shirt anyway!

Do you love Australian music? And do you care about the people who create it? Then be a part of #AusmusicTShirtDay!

Ausmusic T-Shirt Day is a massive nation-wide celebration of Australian music that reminds us how lucky we are to have such a strong local music scene, with many highly talented and successful artists across all genres of music.

But as we all know, this year has been a COVID-19 driven wipeout, with all tours and festivals cancelled; venues closed and careers put on hold.

Sign Up

Practically everyone working in live music - that’s artists, crew and music workers - have lost their jobs and their income, and the future is anything but certain.

The demand for Support Act’s Crisis Relief and Mental Health & Wellbeing Services has never been greater!

So please help us to raise funds for all those in music who are doing it tough this year, and participate in Ausmusic T-Shirt Day!